The blood of the vulture's dinner was dark and rich, like cherry red...

vulture covered all over with blood

When I look as this vulture that's bathed in blood after feeding, I'm kind of glad that I have no idea what dead animal has suffered the ignominy of being eaten by a walking cliche.

I saw this picture on reddit but didn't copy the link so I have no context of the feeding (though I suspect it was something horrific like these petrels got up to) but I note two things.

The first is the look on this bird.

He has just eaten the eyes and guts out of some poor dead beast and yet he's still all damn business. There's no hint of joy displayed even though he's managed to grab a bite to eat.

Second thing to note, is the work of the photographer.

I have no idea what their name is or when or where this picture was taken but hats off to them, it's an incredible capture. The quality is amazing but the eye capturing part of it is that single drop of blood that has dripped from the vulture's beak and is forever caught hanging in that moment.

It's a visceral reminder that nature is indeed beautiful and that carnage results.