Alligator failing to eat a turtle - turtle power!!!

alligator trying to eat turtle
Turtle power!
Wildlife photographer Patrick Castleberry was lucky enough to capture these images of this South American alligator unsuccessfully attempt to crack open this plucky turtle's shell somewhere in the Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia, USA.

Castleberry said:  "I quickly realised what it was and thought the alligator was going to win in the end at cracking the shell. When he finally gave up I walked over to the turtle expecting it to be dead and was amazed to find it quite alive and on its back. I flipped it over and it scrambled into the water"

That's one damn lucky turtle. Alligators are quite fearsome but how fearsome are they really? Did you see this video of the cat that stared down not one but two alligators?

OK, OK, maybe alligators really are fearsone, here's a dude that had his arm bitten off by one (crocs do this too!) but not to anacondas who like to eat alligators for fun.

Picture credit: Caters News Agency