Cornered Leopard tries to eat man, scalps him

leopard scalps man with its claws
The Karate Kid's 'wax on , wax off' mantra finally was useful for Hari

Cornered Leopard tries to eat man, scalps him

Part of an Indian man's scalp was ripped off by a wild leopard after it panicked and attacked four people when it wandered into a residential area in India.

They say if you mess with the bull, you're gonna get the horns..

The fully-grown leopard set upon the group when it walked into a house in a busy neighbourhood of Guwahati, a large city in north-east India.

The gentleman above is apparently a cook named Hari, whose scalp was severely cut as he tried to fend off the leopard. That man deserves a beer. Maybe he should brew his own beer. Maybe he should play with more Star Wars lego.

Apparently a quick witted fellow managed to shut the sharp clawed leopard inside the house before forest officials came to sedate the beast.

Hari was taken to hospital for injuries to his head and face, while the leopard was taken to a zoo for observation. "We believe the cat strayed into the area from a nearby hillock, maybe in search of food," a forest department official said.

So not really the case of a leopard eating a man but more of a scared animal lashing out. Perhaps a lesson there for all of us.

Leopards are usually much more clever - here's one from Africa that's put an impala in a tree for eating later.