Cats eating rats and mice!

I wonder what mouse pate would taste like?
So my wife and I got a new cat. She's a lovely stray and we call her Venus. Yes, Venus rythmes with Doremius. Venus was a stray from the SPCA and appeared to be a very nervous cat. However on her second night of staying with us she decided she loved us and chose to demonstrate that love by placing a mouse at the foot of the bed. We think she's a keeper and for her mouse catching prowess, this page of cats eating rats and mice is dedicated to her.

Mouse go crunch!
Could I get some sauce for this mouse please?
Sometimes it doesn't work out well for the cat
Cats are often known to play with their food
Even ginger cats get to eat rats


  1. Oh, it's so beautiful when cat eating a mice.
    Nature is like a dance, it's like a music.
    I had a choice, I would be a cat's victim or something which belong to the nature.


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