Perfect shot of a piranha being caught by a crocodile

perfect picture of a crocodile catching a piranah
Piranha III: Revenge of the Crocodiles

Pictures of Crocodiles eating fish, sharks and the odd bird

Crocodiles don't need to spend all day lying in wait for baby elephants to get them selves a feed - all they have do is swim around the river catching fish.

Fish are a good source of protein so it's natural for a crocodile to want to lock his jaws on a tasty morsel of piranha or shark!

Chomp Chomp

Here's a picture of an Australian crocodile eating a bullshark that had the misfortune had to swim up the river where danger lurked....

crocodile eating a shark

crocodile eating a bird
Bird munching
crab eaten by a crocodile
Crocodile eating a crunchy crab
Pelican eaten by a crocodile
Crocodile dining on a pelican

Here's a crocodile that's caught a shark and has chosen to eat it on the side of the muddy river bank.