Sharks are the bomb! Or how they ate the sailors of the USS Indianapolis

Monday, October 31, 2011

USS Indianapolis
By now in your life you must have seen the movie Jaws. It's quite possibly one of the best movies in movie making history and it certainly has one of the best characters to ever captain a boat in a movie. As the shark hunting lads settle in one night after a hard day's shark chasing, Captain Quint tells a story. Probably one of the most chilling stories a kid could ever hear about.....

The USS Indianapolis was a vessel in the United States Navy. She holds a famous place in history due to the circumstances of her sinking, which led to the greatest single loss of life at sea in the history of the U.S. Navy. On 30 July 1945, shortly after delivering critical parts for the first atomic bomb that was to be dropped on Japan, the Indianapolis fell victim to a torpedo from a Japanese submarine. Of 1,196 crewmen aboard, approximately 300 men went down with the ship.

The remaining crew of 880 were cast into the briny deep. Only 316 sailors survived their time in the water. If the remainder didn't drown, they faced the horrible death of being eaten by the sharks that found them.

It's thought that the Indianapolis sinking resulted in the most shark attacks on humans in a single incident in history. It's figured the majority of the sharks were oceanic whitetip shark species. Tiger Sharks might have also killed and eaten some of the survivors.

The drowning sailor loving Oceanic whitetip shark
Imagine being huddled in a large group of people, injured from the sinking, suffering from exposure or hypothermia, hungry and dying of thirst AND you have to worry about the circling sharks! It must have been terrible.

After 4 days the group of sailors was noticed by a US plane patrolling the area. It turns out the US Navy had not realised the Indianapolis had been sunk!

Image source: Malcom Nobbs - check out his site, it's fully of great underwater photography.

Perfect shot of a piranha being caught by a crocodile

Monday, October 24, 2011
perfect picture of a crocodile catching a piranah
Piranha III: Revenge of the Crocodiles

Pictures of Crocodiles eating fish, sharks and the odd bird

Crocodiles don't need to spend all day lying in wait for baby elephants to get them selves a feed - all they have do is swim around the river catching fish.

Fish are a good source of protein so it's natural for a crocodile to want to lock his jaws on a tasty morsel of piranha or shark!

Chomp Chomp

Here's a picture of an Australian crocodile eating a bullshark that had the misfortune had to swim up the river where danger lurked....

crocodile eating a shark

crocodile eating a bird
Bird munching
crab eaten by a crocodile
Crocodile eating a crunchy crab
Pelican eaten by a crocodile
Crocodile dining on a pelican

Here's a crocodile that's caught a shark and has chosen to eat it on the side of the muddy river bank.

Meet the one eyed albino shark called Cyclops

albino baby shark one eye

It just seems so likely to be a fake picture or a hoax but it would appear that this cyclops baby shark is the real deal. It's albino to boot so one has to wonder what the odds of this shark coming into being were!

one eye albino shark

The one eyed shark was removed from the stomach of a pregnant mama dusky shark caught by a commercial fisherman near the Cerralvo Island in the Gulf of California. Apparent some shark experts have thoroughly examined the preserved shark and established that its single eye is made of functional optical tissue.  

one eyed shark

"This is extremely rare," shark expert Felipe Galvan Magana of Mexico's Centro Interdisciplinario de Ciencias del Mar said. "As far as I know, less than 50 examples of an abnormality like this have been recorded."

You gotta laugh at the idea of a one eyed albino shark marauding the ocean trying to catch some fish to eat - still they'd probably be an easy catch as they'd probably just crack up with laughter on the spot when they spied him! The reality is this fish would probably not have survived for very long outside the womb.

If you think this  shark is interesting, check out the massive jaws of the tiger fish!

Giant man eating crocodile caught

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Here's one big fucking crocodile. Apparently it ate a man. I reckon it ate that man's horse too!

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