Giant Anacondas Eating Crocodiles and other creatures

giant anaconda held by ten men

Anacondas seem to eat just everything and man

If I ever think of snakes, I think of three things:

But who cares about all of that when you can check out these pictures of anacondas eating all kinds of animals!

anaconda eats a whole man
We suspect this could be a faked picture...
Here's a famous picture of a man that was eaten by an anaconda.

I can only imagine this little gentleman was having a wee snooze in the forest somewhere and the big snake crept up on him and made him a tasty treat.

anaconda eating a crocodile camian

These next few pictures are of a crocodile getting crushed by the might of the anacondas muscles. Apparently they imported them from Brussels.

crocodile eaten by anaconda snake

caiman caught by an anaconda
Caiman being eaten by a massive snake
jaws of anaconda over a caiman croc
Check out that set of double jaws!!
anaconda eats a deer

Anaconda eating a deer of some kind. 

pet dog taken by anaconda snake

This photo is the result of a poor doggy having been caught in the jaws of a hungry Anaconda. Sad Puppy Face.

anaconda eats a goat.
Goat for lunch


  1. the photos where a man was eaten by anaconda is fake..... false picture flashing here..
    because anaconda always eat their victim by head not by leg...always

  2. you can't see which way the snake is facing, and where he head of the anaconda is dickhead. besides this image was published in a documentary journal before being leaked onto the internet!

  3. in the first picture the anaconda has burst

  4. The second photo is not an Anaconda, it's a Reticulated Python.

    And the last three photos? All three are photos of African Rock Pythons.



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