Shark eats Marlin

Here's a picture of a  mako shark attacking a marlin that had been caught and was to be tagged for release. It's from an awesome perspective of the photographer being in with the water with the big fish.

NZH had the story:

Al McGlashan was in the water off Port Stephens, 200km north of Sydney in New South Wales, to film the tag and release of the marlin when the mako shark swooped, tearing at the body of the hooked gamefish metres away from him. He is convinced the shark moved in only after McGlashan, who had been taking close-ups of the action, moved back to take panoramic pictures of the marlin's release.

"That shark was there watching me the whole five minutes I was in the water, and what is even more impressive is that it waited till I moved out of the way before attacking the marlin"

Before jumping into the water to film the tag and release, when the marlin had been hauled in close to the catch boat, McGlashan and his crew had marked a second fish on the fish finder, which they thought to be another marlin.

However, he now believes it was the shark stalking the marlin. "In all my life I have seen some amazing things - including a few shark attacks - but never have I been witness to such a spectacle from outside the safety of the boat.

"As sad as it was to see the marlin eaten, seeing nature in its most raw form and capturing it all on film, both stills and HD footage, was a once-in-a-lifetime experience."


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