Crocodiles attack Zebra and Wildebeast as they cross river

crocodile snatches at wildebeast crossing river

So these wildebeast below thought it would be a good idea to cross this river in the Maassai Mara National Park. Haven't they learnt from thousands of years that their ALWAYS a freaking crocodile just waiting to eat one of them for lunch? The above photos shows what happens when there's one lurking and when there's no Mick Dundee around to rescue with his 'this is a knife' your kinda screwed.

Not to be outdone by the wildebeasts' stupidity, this zebra though he might get in on the river crossing adventure too. The best things in life a free right? So a cool swim in the river might be the best thing this Zebra is gonna to today, right? Nope, he's gotta fight for his life as this crocodile managed to sneak up on him in all the chaos and confusion and lock his jaws on the Zebra's sweet hind:

crocodile attacks zebra in river

It's Zebra snake time!

zebra smiles as it is attacked by crocodile
Bucky struggled with school yard bullies.
But you know what? Contrary to what these pictures might suggest, the zebra and the wildebeast apparently escaped from the crocodile's jaws of death and actually lived. That's what Charlie Sheen would call winning!

Sadly for the Zebra's, they don't appear to win too often.


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