African Bullfrog eats a mouse. Fievel never makes another movie

Why Fievel never made another movie again...
You wouldn't normally expect to see a picture of a frog eating a mouse but it appears there's a carnivorous amphibians who seems to like munch down on the little furry critters. 
The African Bullfrog pictured above seems to have a preference for small rodents! The Telegraph reported "The enormous amphibians, unlike the docile frogs found in English garden ponds, are known for their aggressive nature and will attack virtually any animal that comes within reach."

Above: An African bull frog eats a whole bird, feathers and all. Spiders eat birds too you know...

It appears that African bullfrogs lie in wait for their prey before suddenly lunging when they sense movement nearby. This is a common trick for predators, check out this crocodile trying to eat a baby elephant after employing the same method.
Of course it's not all fun and pond games for bullfrogs, occasionally they end up as lunch them selves - check out this picture of a frog being eating by a water moccasin snake:

African Bull frogs are big beasts, they can weigh up to 2kg (4.4lbs) and are native to central and southern Africa but are often found as pets around the rest of the world.

Pyxicephalus adspersus is the latin name for the African Bullfrog.