Lion eats a giraffe

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A carcass-eye view by of a Lion by German photographer Juergen Ross. This lioness is framed by the carcass of a giraffe that was the subject of lunch in South Africa's Kruger National Park. This picture was a category winner Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Here's some more pictures of lions eating giraffes. It just seems so unfair, giraffes rule! Kruger Park is a huge source of images for Animals Eating Animals, check out what happened to this baby elephant at the local watering hole...

Three hungry cheetah lunch on a springbok

Thursday, November 25, 2010
Double Trouble!
This picture of two cheetahs hunting a springbok was a category winner in the Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2010 competition. The winning photographer had this to say of the photo:

"Today, as it's Christmas Day, we'll photograph a cheetah kill", Bridgena announced to her family. They promptly fell about laughing. They had, after all, spent five days watching a trio of cheetahs in South Africa's Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park without seeing any activity. But Bridgena had discovered that the cheetah brothers had a favourite watch-out dune and a routine.

 By driving out at dawn to the spot, she hoped to be in position before rather than after any hunt. It was a good call. The cheetahs were positioned up on the dune, only the tops of their heads visible. When a trail of springbok passed by below, the brothers ignored the adults. 

But the moment a young springbok appeared, they sprinted after it, one heading it off, one tripping it up and the third making the kill. Within ten seconds it was over. The cheetahs had their meal and Bridgena had a phenomenal shot.

How about checking out some Lions eating giraffe?

Hungry Hungry Hippos

Friday, November 19, 2010
Open up and say ah!
A favourite game of mine growing up was called Hungy Hippos. Basically 4 people each controlled a plastic hippopotamus and it was a race to eat as many plastic balls as possible. Who knew the game was actually inspired by the real life attitude of  the hippopotamus?

It turns out that hippos are fierecesome water beasts, immensly strong and a real danger to animals and men who venture into their territory. Despite their stocky shape and short legs, these so called river horses can easily outrun a human.

The hippopotamus is one of the most aggressive creatures in the world and is often regarded as one of the most dangerous animals in Africa. Want proof? Check out these massive jaws and think about the damage they would inflict if locked onto your arm:

If only you could smell the bad breath!
These pictures of a vet narrowly escaped injury after an irate hippopotamus charged at him and threw him into a river demonstrate the threat these beasts pose.  The pictures were taken  in the Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Dr Markus Hofmeyr had earlier attempted to tranquilise the animal in shallow water and it appeared to be sedated until it woke up after getting water in its nose. What is it with vets failing to properly sedate their patients? You'd think they would learn from this incident with the crocodile eh?

The confused and doped up hippo lunged at Dr Hofmeyr and his partner, Dr Nico de Bruin, who quickly intervened and dragged Dr Hofmeyr to safety. Check out that mouth! Nice work vets!

There's plenty of stories around how hippos have attacked people in canoes and boats. For a Hollywood version, check out the film Congo.

Hippos are not however the Kings of the Jungle so they have their own problems too:

 Check out this video of a pair of lions bring down a hippo. It apparently died the day after the attack.

What about these crocodiles feeding on a dead hippo? The patient undertaker in deed:

Sometime the hippos win. You may have seen this picture of a crocodile that strayed into a herd of hippo:

Check out that tooth!

This video shows a fearless river horse taking on a crocodile and actually taking the croc's lunch for himself after biting the crocodile!

Then again sometimes the crocodiles get their revenge by eating all the baby hippos:

Bear Chasing Bison down the road

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Run Forrest!
It must be a surreal moment in your life. You're minding your business driving along the road  thinking of how you like twinkies and then suddenly a haggard looking bison runs past you with that look of 'don't look back he might be gaining' all over his face. And what might be gaining? A lumbering grizzly bear, with eyes on the prize. The prize being bison steak...

One lucky picture snapper Alex Wypyszinski was driving along the road in the state of Montana's Yellowstone National Park when he heard what he initially thought was a horse-and-carriage.

"I've seen plenty of bear and more buffalo, but I've never seen anything like that before," he said. Lucky for Animals Eating Animals, he pulled out his camera and snapped these pretty unique images!

If you look closely at the picture, the bison was badly burned, quite possibly from one of the numerous hot springs and geysers in Yellowstone. It was that weakness that probably emboldened the grizzly bear to try to tackle such a strong animal as a bison in the first instance. Nature at its finest.

And Bye!
 The news report suggested that the bison managed to escape the bear's jaws but that due to its injuries and general condition, Yellowstone Park Rangers decided it was in the animal's interest to be put down.

Bears are quite the news makers in recent times, this Russian bear ate some pigs, while this one when the whole hog and ate some campers. Not to forget the menace that polar bears can be! When they are not eating each other that is!

The Star Nosed Mole gets few dates

Tuesday, November 16, 2010
star nosed mole
Nothing worse for this mole than getting a snotty cold!
The Star Nosed Mole gets few dates because they look bloody weird....

The star-nosed mole's snout has 22 fleshy tentacles that are used to identify food by touch. The condylura cristata has eleven pairs of pink fleshy appendages ringing their snout which are used as a touch organ. Thenose has more than 25,000 minute sensory receptors, known as Eimer’s organs.

These moles are often found in North America, live in wet lowland areas and like to dine on small invertebrates, aquatic insects, worms and molluscs.

African Bullfrog eats a mouse. Fievel never makes another movie

Friday, November 12, 2010
Why Fievel never made another movie again...
You wouldn't normally expect to see a picture of a frog eating a mouse but it appears there's a carnivorous amphibians who seems to like munch down on the little furry critters. 
The African Bullfrog pictured above seems to have a preference for small rodents! The Telegraph reported "The enormous amphibians, unlike the docile frogs found in English garden ponds, are known for their aggressive nature and will attack virtually any animal that comes within reach."

Above: An African bull frog eats a whole bird, feathers and all. Spiders eat birds too you know...

It appears that African bullfrogs lie in wait for their prey before suddenly lunging when they sense movement nearby. This is a common trick for predators, check out this crocodile trying to eat a baby elephant after employing the same method.
Of course it's not all fun and pond games for bullfrogs, occasionally they end up as lunch them selves - check out this picture of a frog being eating by a water moccasin snake:

African Bull frogs are big beasts, they can weigh up to 2kg (4.4lbs) and are native to central and southern Africa but are often found as pets around the rest of the world.

Pyxicephalus adspersus is the latin name for the African Bullfrog.

Russian bear eats a pig, tries for a man.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010
Grizzly Bears eat Gristle. Say that three times quickly!
I was amused to discoverer this following story in the Herald Sun about a bear gone wild in Siberia. And then I thought to me self wild bears don't go wild, the go 'natural' in urban areas.... basically it just gave me an excuse to link to this story about how some bears ate some sleeping campers.

Here's the story:

A wild bear that savaged a pig before trying to attack residents in Siberia was shot dead by emergency officials.

The animal was first spotted by locals in Kyzyl, the capital of Siberia's Tyva region that borders Mongolia, during Russia's National Unity Day celebrations on Thursday, Russia's RIA Novosti news agency reported

The bear then left the city, home to about 110,000 people, and went to a nearby village.

There the animal killed a pig and attempted to attack residents before it was shot by emergency ministry staff, a local official said.

An exceptional heat wave that hit Russia in the last endless summer deprived the brown bears of their usual food and pushed them closer to communities.

In September, a bear mauled a young man in a central street of Syktyvkar, capital of the remote Komi region in northwest Russia.

The bear wounded the man in the neck before he managed to flee. We understand the man drank some homebrew beer to get over his injuries.

The incident prompted officials to draw up a list of practical tips for locals on how to survive encounters with bears.

The guide warns that residents should stay calm and stand still if they meet a bear. In the worst-case scenario, if the bear attacks, the victim should behave aggressively.

"Shout angrily at it and look it straight in the eyes," the guide says.


The officials drew up a list? The first thing on my list would have been don't go camping with polar bears. Speaking of camping, here's my trip of the South Island. The only thing that ate Jimmy Jangles was the sandflies.

Crocodile tries to eat a baby elephant

Friday, November 5, 2010
Baby elephant caught by a crocodile
Dumbo forgot to check for predators...
The above image of a crocodile attacking a baby elephant was shot by amateur photographer Johan Opperman while taking pictures of a family of African bush elephants grazing by a water hole in Kruger National Park, South Africa. Should have just gone to the pub and had a beer.

Under the watchful eye of its family, the young elephant headed to the edge of the waterhole to grab a drink of cool water. And as you would expect for this to be featured on Animals Eating Animals, there was a hungry crocodile lying in wait. It pounced on the baby elephant, hoping for a kill by snapping its strong jaws around its trunk, leading to these almost comical pictures.

According to Opperman, on hearing the baby's distressed call, the herd of elephants scared off the reptile by trumpeting and stamping their heavy feet around. After the attack, the elephant herd stayed with young Dumbo and they all walked out to safety. It's a similar event to the 'Battle at Kruger Park', just not as epic a rescue!

elephant's trunk eaten by a crocodile

Still interested in crocodiles? Check out when a leopard ate a crocodile or when a zebra became a crocodile's lunch. 

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