What did the Chameleon say to the cricket?

The Telegraph newspaper has highlighted how photographer Scott Linstead goes to extraordinary lengths to capture these pictures in which creatures appear frozen in time. Check out this chameleon catching a cricket with its long sticky tongue as an example:

Stay for lunch?
Scott spends up to a week arranging the lighting and phototraps which trigger the camera and flash. The human eye and reaction speed on the shutter release button are rarely quick enough to take the photos manually. Case in point, this set up of an archer fish spitting water at a cricket to make it fall into the water so the fish can prey on it:

Interestingly, when the photographer lowered the cricket's position lower to the water, the archer fish jumped at its prey instead!
Fish out of water....
One photo that was not done as a set up was this one: Scott spent four days in a hide at the edge of a pond in Kangasala, Finland, to get this photo of an osprey eagle diving for a salmon fish:

Going my way?
Check out more of  Scott's great camera work at www.scottyphotography.com