Sharks: Fearless man eaters or misunderstood monsters?

Thursday, August 5, 2010
shark with bone spine in his teeth
Is there something stuck in my tooth?

Sharks! You love, I love em and surfers and seals hate them. Tiger sharks, hammer heads and great whites - all known as kings of the ocean. Fearless man eaters or misunderstood monsters? Here's a few pictures of sharks eating and munching their way few the ocean's bounty - as to their true nature, I'll let you decide.....
great white with a mouthful of fish

Here's a Great White Shark greedily trying to shove ALL the fish down his gullet. Do fish have gullets? I have no idea. Perhaps you could ask this crocodile if he noticed while he was munching on a shark..

Scene from Jaws. Bruce eating the boat.

The above shark was the man eater that was filmed in the extremely popular documentary Jaws which was directed by the well known animal rights activist, Steven Speilberg. Jaws famously ate Spielberg's boat, which cause his camera operator to quip the now legendary line, "we're gonna need a bigger boat!"

Surfer eaten by a shark
Sadly, a shark attack victim - surfers are often mistaken for seals and attacked.
Here's some sharks doing what they do best: eating baby seals. And who would blame them? Baby seals are delicious!! I eat one everyday!

Great white shark tossing a seal in the air

seal thrown in the air by a great white shark

And if you ever go to a beach wearing a bikini and have pretty damn fine rack you better watch out for the Tiger Shark. These sharks are true predators, taking any chance they can get to feed on their prey....

babes wearing brown bikinis holding hands.

If you think this tiger shark is interesting, check out the massive jaws of the tiger fish!


  1. " Jaws famously ate Spielberg's boat, which cause his camera operator to quip the now legendary line, "we're gonna need a bigger boat!" " much of this website is totally made up??

  2. Total joke. Why is this even still up?

    (Warning, a lot of true information is about to invade this page full of silly, obvious lies.)

    One, sharks are not ruthless man-eaters, more people die from falling coconuts than by sharks a year, and, two, they are not misunderstood "monsters". Misunderstood, yes, but monsters, no. They are part of our aquatic ecosystem and we need them greatly. In fact, we are more monsters to them than they are to us. They kill maybe five to eight people around the world a year, but we kill millions of them every year.

    I, personally, hate websites like this, joke or not, because they try and point the finger towards sharks that are only doing what sharks do, survive in a very hard environment.

    They are highly intelligent, but, like every animal, they can fooled every now and then. It is true that some sharks love to prey on younger seals because they are usually the unexperienced ones that are easier to catch for them, but if a surfer is floating at the top of the water, the shark may be fooled into thinking they are a seal. Also, the attacks are so brutual because, unfortunately for the victims, the sharks taste buds aren't on their tongues, basihyals, but on the back of their mouths. With this being said, sharks will take an exploratory bite to see if the victim is a possible food source or not, and they have to literally almost swallow in order to do so.

    Some sharks, however, are highly aggressive. One of the most aggressive sharks is the bull shark and this is because the male bull shark literally has the highest testosterone levels than any other animal on land or under water.

    The top three sharks that have done most of the recorded shark attacks are the bulls, great whites, and the tiger sharks. Not saying other sharks haven't attacked anyone, but these three just hold the most attacks. Bulls, as said before, are highly aggressive, so it is possible that they attack because they feel as if their territory is being trespassed.
    It is thought that great whites don't attack just for the sake of attacking. In fact, their main source of food are seals, so they may be tricked into attacking people. Also, they are highly curious. They check out anything to everything that enters the water.
    The most fatal things about tiger sharks is the fact that they eat almost everything. Tires, other sharks, fish, stingrays, sea snakes, lisence plates, seals, squids, sea turtles, human limbs, boat parts, other animal parts, ect. are all on their food palate. Additionally, unlike great whites, tigers are most likely not going to let go after they bite. They are thought not to have exploratory bites because they do eat anything they want to, and they use their size to their advantage. They typically only get around 14ft, but some of the larger tiger sharks have been known to reach about 20-25ft in length making them one of the largest sharks in the world. Personally, I would say tigers are more dangerous than great whites and bulls. They have a "I do what I want and eat whatever I want whenever I want" attitude. They may attack or they may not.

    Really, for anyone trying to seriously look for REAL information on sharks or how to avoid being attacked by one, research them a bit. Knowing about them and what attracts them will only help in the long run. Want to know more about them just to know about them then go to any other website that isn't this one.


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