Puffin eating a mouthful of sandeels

Monday, August 30, 2010

An adult puffin bird prepares to enter a burrow, holding a mouthful of yummy sandeels in its beak to feed its chicks, on Skomer Island in Pembrokeshire, Wales. The sandeels are presumably for it's offspring.

Salmon for dinner? I'm beary hungry!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I didn't have a knife, so I used my claws. My sharp bear claws!

Bears that live in Alaska are known for their skills in catching salmon. You might think it odd when the stereotype is of marauding bears eating unsuspecting campers but in actual fact, bears hunting for fish is a common way to feed themselves up.

Bears like to eat Salmon raw. It's a shame they can't move to Japan, they'd love the sushi!

Jump right in lil buddy, my mouth is nice and warm!

Care to dance Mr Salmon? Dance into my mouth!

Dancing bears... now that's an idea...

Wanna see what they feed a Polar bear at the Zoo?

Lions eating giraffes

Tuesday, August 17, 2010
I think Giraffes rule. They are the most beautiful animals, there size and temperament make them vital part of the jungle's landscape:

Still, giraffes are a part of the food chain. And what's at the top of that chain? Lions. Hungry Lions. Lions who like to eat giraffes. Check out these pictures of lions feeding below and you'll see what I mean. It's carnage.

First up is the prey being stalked. Note the nosy oryx neighbours in the foreground...and background... hey wait are they helping the lioness out? I guess when its either you or the giraffe..

That was in Nambia. Lions are the giraffe's main predators, and giraffes are particularly vulnerable to attack when lying down, drinking or feeding from the ground. Unlike females, male giraffes tend to live alone, which also makes them more open to predation. What's the lesson here? Don't wear a giraffe suit at your local watering hole. Or this might happen:

Above and below images are from Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Sometimes the pride will have a traditional Sunday roast where even the baby cubs get in on the feasting:

And here's a picture of a takedown of a giraffe in a car park. I have no idea of the context....

Want more of nature at its finest? Here's some lucky lions feeding on some zebra and other critters

Otter licking a fish lolly!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The image caption read 'An otter enjoys a fish lolly after having a swim at the Biopark in Valencia, eastern Spain'.

Animal keepers do this to keep the animals alert and active - instead of throwing the bananas into the monkey cage, why not freeze them in a bucket of water so the monkeys can make a game of it?

Given otters are so playful, it's not surprise Zoos use this trick for em! Heck, they do it for polar beers!

What else do they feed Polar beers at the Zoo?

New Zealand's Colossal Squid!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010
I went to visit the Colossal Squid that has taken up residence as Te Papa Museum. This squid caught the nation's attention when it was first caught, frozen and subsequently thawed for scientific examination.

Weighing at a Jesse Ryder esk 490 kilos, the Colossal Squid looks like something out of an Alien movie:

colossal squid te papa musuem wellington new zealand
You can see that it is missing its eye which adds to the scary appeal. Te Papa  wrote on its web site: "In the collapsed state the eyes have been found, they measure 25 cm across, but in the living animal they are probably larger, up to around 30 cm in diameter. These are without doubt the largest eyes that have ever been studied (and probably among the largest eyes that have existed during the history of the animal kingdom)."

I wonder if some kind of dinosaur may have had bigger? Regardless this squid seems a part of the dinosaur era. I guess when you tell a hungry squid his eyes are as bigger as dinner plates, its true.

Squiddy, as I named her, is a pretty popular attraction at Te Papa, there were queues to see her! Who queues at a museum? 

Everyone round town has been saying "have you seen the giant squid yet? Go see the giant squid!" And so my idea of the squid was framed as being a giant squid. It's actually a colossal squid. Giant Squid are a whole different kind of squid...

This is what Squiddy looked like post thawing before scientists shoved cameras and what not up her calamari:

colossal squid te papa new zealand

Extra for Experts:

Squid Facts by some scientists and not an excited blogger...

Sharks: Fearless man eaters or misunderstood monsters?

Thursday, August 5, 2010
shark with bone spine in his teeth
Is there something stuck in my tooth?

Sharks! You love, I love em and surfers and seals hate them. Tiger sharks, hammer heads and great whites - all known as kings of the ocean. Fearless man eaters or misunderstood monsters? Here's a few pictures of sharks eating and munching their way few the ocean's bounty - as to their true nature, I'll let you decide.....
great white with a mouthful of fish

Here's a Great White Shark greedily trying to shove ALL the fish down his gullet. Do fish have gullets? I have no idea. Perhaps you could ask this crocodile if he noticed while he was munching on a shark..

Scene from Jaws. Bruce eating the boat.

The above shark was the man eater that was filmed in the extremely popular documentary Jaws which was directed by the well known animal rights activist, Steven Speilberg. Jaws famously ate Spielberg's boat, which cause his camera operator to quip the now legendary line, "we're gonna need a bigger boat!"

Surfer eaten by a shark
Sadly, a shark attack victim - surfers are often mistaken for seals and attacked.
Here's some sharks doing what they do best: eating baby seals. And who would blame them? Baby seals are delicious!! I eat one everyday!

Great white shark tossing a seal in the air

seal thrown in the air by a great white shark

And if you ever go to a beach wearing a bikini and have pretty damn fine rack you better watch out for the Tiger Shark. These sharks are true predators, taking any chance they can get to feed on their prey....

babes wearing brown bikinis holding hands.

If you think this tiger shark is interesting, check out the massive jaws of the tiger fish!

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