When the Lappet Vulture interrupted the Jackal

When the Lappet Vulture interrupted the Jackal's dinner, it was not a pretty occasion. It did make a pretty picture though...

I love how calm the vulture appears to be totally calm as the jackal snarls at him!
This hungry jackal got more way more than he bargained for when an enormous Lappets vulture with an approximate 12ft wingspan interrupted his tasty meal in the Serengeti desert in Tanzania. After being grabbed by the giant bird's talons the bullied jackal made a hasty retreat - pretty fair given the numbers of vultures that dropped by for lunch!

This picture was taken by Robert Fuller and was source from the Telegraph

My friends are currently in Tanzania, here's their blog, This Aint No Toto Song and below is a picture of the idyll life....where are the lions?