What do frogs eat?

Frogs. Kermit. Ribbit. Princes under evil witches spells. Tadpoles. Croaking. Frogs remind me of grog. Which is awesome as grog is awesome.

Fuck, frogs are cool. Here's some frogs eating various things found in the swamp...such as other frogs like this bloke above.... or this whole bird below!

More bird anyone?

What else do bull frogs get up to when they are a bit peckish? Grass snake?

How about jumping across the great divide for a slater?

Of course, frogs are not really king of the pond, and sometimes the birds get their revenge:

Kermit the frog also once ate Lady Gaga. It wasn't pretty...

Hello, Hello, do you like frogs? Gnomes?

Check out this myth about boiling frogs....