Gull eating Duck. Chick it out!

It's this simple kid, if you don't want to get eaten by a hungry sea gull, stay out of the big boys pool. This picture was apparently taken in Slimbridge Wildfowl Reserve, Gloucestershire, England. Bless.

But wait! There's more duck murder! Mr Sea Gull was still hungry so went for a mallard chick:

Don't fret dear reader! The Heron don't go hungry either!

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  1. Have you seen that video on YouTube of a gull eating catching and eating bats?

    Video is entitled 'Seagull eats 5 live bats'.

    Also look for 'SEAGULL EATING SNAKE,SKRADIN-CROATIA.MPG' - you can probably hazard a guess as to what happens in that one... :)


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