Crocodile eating sharks and other kinds of fish

What do crocodiles eat?

When Crocodiles aren't busy taking on 50 hippopotami at once, they take on other fair game. 

After all, the King of the River has gotta eat. 

On the menu today: Fish

crocodile eating fish

Here we have a Nile Crocodile swallowing a freshwater fish tail first in Kruger National Park. Scales an all.

crocodile eating a shark

Here's a fan favourite, crocodile vs shark. Jaws?

Aint seen the movie mate.

Thoughts is just a small shark, it's pretty awesome that the croc can wrap its jaws over the animal as we imagine the shark would be a pretty quick swimmer.

Maybe it thought the crocodile was just a harmless log of wood that was floating by...

crocoidle eats shark that it has dragged up onto land

Okay, one last shark bite!

This crocodile has managed to grab a fairly decently sized shark (is it a bull shark?) and managed to drag it up out of the water.

No doubt the croc will savour its protein meal.

shark caught by a crocodile


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