Animals eating animals. WTF? 

Have you ever heard of the expression, "When Nature Attacks"? This is it. Animals eating animals. It's one of the planet Earth's most natural acts. You've eaten Chicken breast from a fast food restaurant right? You had a steak off a BBQ right?

You are an animal eating an animal. Except stuffing your face full of a chicken burger does not make for taking a great photo, so it's Animals Eating Animals to the rescue with awesome pictures and stories from around the world.

Note: I strongly do not condone abuse of animals in any shape or form that encourages an animal to eat something. I don't condone violence generally.You will never find engineered pictures of a dog or cock fight here. Remember that nature expression?

That's an interesting point actually, humans interfering with animals - some people object to chickens in cages but when it comes down to it, the vast majority people buy their eggs on price....

OK, I'm sold, Jimmy Jangles, hit me with the good stuff: