Ants eating a dead lizards head

Wednesday, June 26, 2019
dead lizard eaten by ants
Face off!
Found on Reddit, this is a great shot of ants finding a dead lizard and doing what they do best. They are taking it right down to the skelton.


Are you curious as to how the Lizard ended up in that final position! It's probably due to the 'clinging' properties of the toes still being in play. This is known as Van Der Walls Force, and lizard and gecko climb everywhere using it.

Check out some lizard eating insects.

Huntsman spider eating a pygmy possum

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Doing the rounds virally at the moment is these pictures of a hungry Huntsman spider eating a  pygmy possum!

Found in a Mt Field Ski lodge in Tasmania, Australia. 

Huntsman spider eating a whole  possum

Basically, the possum is the size of a large mouse.

Huntsman spider eating a  pygmy possum

There are many kinds of Huntsman Spiders, they are found all around the world and are so named for their speed and mode of hunting.

This photo reminds of that time this giant orb weaver caught a bird...

Hippopotamus about to snap an alligator in half

Thursday, April 4, 2019
It was when I saw the movie Congo that I realized how dangerous hippos can be.

They were not some cute characters in the Hungry Hungry Hippos game, no, they are strong beasts who rule their river domain with brutal efficiency.

So, you can imagine what's about to go down with this alligator caught in the jaws of this big beast:

hippopotamus eating alligator

We have of course seen hippos eat crocodiles before though seeing this zebra do some dental cleaning on one was the cutest thing!

Fox gets skunked

Friday, March 8, 2019
Not the fantastic Mr Fox.
A clever skunk blasts a predatory fox in the face with his scent.

Amateur photographer Jocelyn Rastel Lafond was luckily enough to capture the failed attack by the fox on camera in Lavaltrie near Montreal, Canada.

Lafond said the fox had "such a ridiculous expression after getting sprayed".

It's a double fail for the hungry fox as he lost his lunch too! These foxes had a bit more luck though!

Funnily enough, when beer gets too much exposure to light, the beer is said to have been skunked.

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