You could say this fish died of cancer....

A fish has eaten a crab and the crab has done it's best to escape by trying to cut it self out of the fish's stomach with its claw.

fish eats crab, crab tries to esacpe

A heroic effort indeed.

We can only imagine what the fish was feeling when suddenly they realised the crab was trying to bust free?! Well, truth be told, fish don't have any feelings (according to Kurt Cobain...).

Some might say this was a very shellfish thing to do but I think it's fair to say this fish definitely died of .... cancer. Either way, the fish had a crabby day.

Or it's a mutant fish with a crab arm! Or maybe he just has a bad case of crabs.

You never can tell with all this fake news these days.

This picture remind us of the classic alligator escape from an Everglade python's stomach. Did you also know that fish eat mice?