Wasps eating the meat of a dead snake

The title of this post pretty much sums up all this photo is. Yes, these wasps have come across a dead snake and are chowing down on its yummy meat:

snake being eaten by wasps

Found on Reddit, this picture drew some interesting commentary. One knowledge Redditor pointed out that wasps do eat meat and protein, or rather their young do:

'It's how they feed their young. The adult wasps only need flower nectar and other sugars to fuel their life processes, but the larvae need proteins to grow into adults. As such, adult wasp also hunt and scavenge for sources of protein that they don't even eat themselves. When they get back to the hive, they chew it up into meatballs and give them to the larvae one at a time. The larvae even scratch the sides of their cells to make noise to get the attention of worker wasps and say that they are hungry.'

With an attitude like that, it's no wonder most people prefer bees... If I was a wasp, I'd sure want to test the ph of that meat, maybe with an Apera Pocket Tester.