Cats eating rats and mice!

Turducken of the ocean?

Bullfrog chokes to death on a chipmunk

Never give up!

Pictures of the cutest otters eating crabs and fish!

Cheeky Heron eats baby ducklings in front of their mother!

Polar Bear fed a horse head at the Zoo

A brave leopard catches and eats a giant python!

Python kills and eats an Australian crocodile

Death from above - owl grabs mouse

Seal versus Octopus battle on the high sea!

Fireflies continue to light up even though caught in a spider's web

What happens when this Alligator bites are an electric eel will shock you!

Fish catches a cute baby duck

Python snake gets stuck on highway after eating a whole sheep

Donkey stomps a wolf to death and then eats it

The Eagle has landed - birds getting their prey

Hey Crocodile, you want a zebra for lunch?

Great White Sharks. That's all this title needs to say really