Donkey stomps a wolf to death and then eats it

wolf eaten by a donkey

Donkey stops a wolf to death and then eats it!

Found on Reddit, this picture of a donkey with a wolf in its mouth was explained by a Redditor thusly:

"Here in Northwestern Ontario we have a rather persistent wolf issue, so every farmer with pigs, chickens, cows, sheep, etc has at least one donkey in the pasture to prevent wolves from attacking the herds. Those donkeys don't take any shit from anything"

We have no idea how a farmer trains a donkey to catch eat wolves or coyotes but we imagine it's a matter of bludgeoning the furry fellow to death with the heavy legs of the donkey.

But as for the wolf putting themselves in the position to be stomped and eaten by the donkey, that's an entirely different question.

Now, if someone could kindly figure out how this cow killed and ate a rabbit...

Update: it's been suggest in the comment section, this dead animal may be a coyote, it could well be now that we look at the short face again.


  1. Well, if it's a wolf, it's the foxiest looking I ever saw. Isn't that a coyote ?

    Why farmers put donkeys in a pasture is because a donkey cost nearly nothing : Better have a donkey killed than a cow, a few sheeps or a lot of chickens. In Europe, farmers say if the donkey can save two lambs, it's paid its cost.

    That and a donkey is pretty agressive and protective, and can be heard from kilometers away.

    Remember to be aware that pictures and movies can easily lie to you. Youtube is full of peoples teached the exact opposite of what is most often - or even always - the truth.


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