Amazing pictures of Venus Fly Trap plants eating all kinds of animals including a frog!

Monday, November 14, 2016
spider caught by venus trap
It's a Trap!

Awesome photos of Venus Fly Trap plants eating flies and spiders...

Venus Fly Traps were one of the most fascinating things I ever saw as a child.

We had one in the kitchen and my Dad showed me how to taunt them by poking them with a pencil to get them to close shut.

He once pretended to get his finger eaten by one too which totally terrified me. The joke was on him though as later that day there was a terrible chainsaw accident which we don't really talk about.

So for those not in the loop, the Venus Fly Trap (also Venus's Flytrap or Venus' Flytrap) is a carnivorous plant that catches and digests animal prey.

Their diet usually consist of insects and spiders.

And a note, yes, plants are not animals, I know......

venus fly trap eating a fly
Caught in a Trap
As I'm sure Admiral Akbar would point out, the Venus' trapping structure is formed by the terminal portion of each of the plant's leaves and is triggered by tiny hairs on their inner surfaces.

When an insect, worm or spider walking along the leaves contacts a hair, the trap will close if a different individual hair is contacted generally within twenty seconds of the first strike.

This is a kind of fail safe mechanism to preserve the Venus Trap's energy by preventing it from catching items with no nutritional value.

Any way's you came here for the action shots of Venus Fly Traps eating their prey like worms and flies so here you go:

Flies caught in a trap
Single Fly Caught in the Venus Fly Trap
 Here's a treat for every hungry Venus Trap, a frog! How the hell the plant was strong enough to keep this jumping fellow, I don't know but I think it's a pretty impressive effort!

frog captured by a venus fly trap
Frog's Legs on the Menu tonight!

I bet this grasshopper totally regrets jumping around willy nilly now!
venus flytrap captures a grass hopper
Grasshopper caught in a very hungry trap
Silhouette of a bee in the plant's trap

I think the below picture is a case of the early Venus Fly Trap gets the worm!
Worm about to get snapped in the trap! Side Bar: Bat eating a worm

Giant Anacondas Eating Crocodiles and other creatures

giant anaconda held by ten men

Anacondas seem to eat just everything and man

If I ever think of snakes, I think of three things:

But who cares about all of that when you can check out these pictures of anacondas eating all kinds of animals!

anaconda eats a whole man
We suspect this could be a faked picture...
Here's a famous picture of a man that was eaten by an anaconda.

I can only imagine this little gentleman was having a wee snooze in the forest somewhere and the big snake crept up on him and made him a tasty treat.

anaconda eating a crocodile camian

These next few pictures are of a crocodile getting crushed by the might of the anacondas muscles. Apparently they imported them from Brussels.

crocodile eaten by anaconda snake

caiman caught by an anaconda
Caiman being eaten by a massive snake
jaws of anaconda over a caiman croc
Check out that set of double jaws!!
anaconda eats a deer

Anaconda eating a deer of some kind. 

pet dog taken by anaconda snake

This photo is the result of a poor doggy having been caught in the jaws of a hungry Anaconda. Sad Puppy Face.

anaconda eats a goat.
Goat for lunch

The blood of the vulture's dinner was dark and rich, like cherry red...

vulture covered all over with blood

When I look as this vulture that's bathed in blood after feeding, I'm kind of glad that I have no idea what dead animal has suffered the ignominy of being eaten by a walking cliche.

I saw this picture on reddit but didn't copy the link so I have no context of the feeding (though I suspect it was something horrific like these petrels got up to) but I note two things.

The first is the look on this bird.

He has just eaten the eyes and guts out of some poor dead beast and yet he's still all damn business. There's no hint of joy displayed even though he's managed to grab a bite to eat.

Second thing to note, is the work of the photographer.

I have no idea what their name is or when or where this picture was taken but hats off to them, it's an incredible capture. The quality is amazing but the eye capturing part of it is that single drop of blood that has dripped from the vulture's beak and is forever caught hanging in that moment.

It's a visceral reminder that nature is indeed beautiful and that carnage results.

Turtle Power! Turtle kills and eats a rattlesnake

Wednesday, July 27, 2016
This almost a terrifying picture when you realise just how dangerous turtles can be ! This one has managed to kill and eat a rattlesnake. Through a fence! Cowabunga!

Rattlesnake eaten by a turtle

I thought turtles only ate pizza? Look at the eyes of that snake eating turtle - he's seen things, been places you and I could never fathom. To him, this snake is just a snakey snack. To us, it's a glimpse into the heart of darkness.

Cowabunga indeed.

Crocodile catches two fish at once

Sunday, July 10, 2016
Crocodile catches two fish at once in its jaws

Crocodile catches two fish at once in its jaws

This photo of a crocodile snacking on a fish won second place in the National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest. Taken by Massimiliano Bencivenni he said "Picture taken in the Brazilian Pantanal... when I downloaded the CF did not want to believe it .... The nature knows we always give magnificent events but sometimes extraordinary"

If you missed, the magic of this photo is that the crocodile has managed to catch two fish in his mouth at once. Which given how speedy fish can be, that's a fairly impressive move for the predator.

So we're doing spiders eating fish now

Saturday, July 2, 2016

fish being eaten by a spider

We spied these pictures and thought they were pretty amazing. We knew spiders could catch and eat birds, and if that act wasn't impressive enough, here's spiders catching fish for their supper. We have no idea how a fish manages to get themselves into positions that a spider can catch them, let alone ponder the mystery of how a spider ever thought to catch a fish in the first place!

You can maybe imagine how the conversation went. "Hey Bob, I'm sick of catching and eating flies and moths in my web. You wanna go fishing this weekend? We could take the ute, have some beers, should be a great lark and who know's maybe we will actually catch some fish too!"

spidering eating a red fish

This tiger snake was too slow for this Heath Monitor

Thursday, February 11, 2016
Heath Monitor eating a tiger snake

Taken by Australian Department of Parks and Wildlife officer Janine Liddelow, this picture shows a Heath Monitor eating a tiger snake. Impressive effort that.

The photo was taken in late 2015 near Walpole.

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