Giant otter defeats and eats a crocodile

If you ever take a visit to Wellington, check out the Zoo.

It's quite a nice one and the animals are treated very well. The first animals you meet are a pair of the cutest otters you might have ever seen.

They run around their enclosure, splashing in the water and eating crabs and fish for lunch.

I'm not sure they ever seen a crocodile before but it's pretty clear this otter below has.

And has a taste for them:

otter eating a crocodile

This otter must be on fucking steroids! Look at that face. He's a monster!

He's a huge mother and he's managed to corner, capture and kill a crocodile.

Naturally one must eat his opponent after such an effort so he he is, eating the tasty flesh.

Here's a sweet video of a whole gang of otters taking down a caiman. Impressive stuff and nature at its finest indeed.