Dude gets eating by a shark, cuts his way out with a knife

man cuts himself out of sharkhis 

This an incredible picture of a man cutting his way out of a shark that had eaten him. The story is that he’d actually caught the shark and while he was about to kill it with a knife, it actually managed to eat him! Apparently the dude was really little and only weighed 60 kg so was effectively ‘small fry’ for the shark. 

So having been swallowed with knife in hand he managed to get his arm out through the gills and started to cut himself free.

When I see pictures like this I wonder why the cameraman waste time taking damn pictures and not help the dude ?!

Anyways if you believed the above, you’re a bit slow. Here’swhat really happened…

Here's a series of pics which show a dude that actually got eaten by a shark. Def NSFW.