Nature at its finest can be a thing of beauty. Here's pictures of the bloody carnage that results.

Dude gets eating by a shark, cuts his way out with a knife

man cuts himself out of sharkhis 

This an incredible picture of a man cutting his way out of a shark that had eaten him. The story is that he’d actually caught the shark and while he was about to kill it with a knife, it actually managed to eat him! Apparently the dude was really little and only weighed 60 kg so was effectively ‘small fry’ for the shark. 

So having been swallowed with knife in hand he managed to get his arm out through the gills and started to cut himself free.

When I see pictures like this I wonder why the cameraman waste time taking damn pictures and not help the dude ?!

Anyways if you believed the above, you’re a bit slow. Here’swhat really happened…

Here's a series of pics which show a dude that actually got eaten by a shark. Def NSFW.

Praying Mantis eating the head of a dragon fly.

You would think if Animals Eating Animals was going to show a Praying Mantis picture, it would be of one eating it's mate - a practice for which they have a certain reknown. Well we did, a while ago.

Instead we bring you a praying mantis eating the head of a pretty dragon fly:

mantis eating a dragon fly head

Praying Mantis have also been known to eat crickets and the odd bird!

As found on reddit. 

Wasp paralyses a cicada so its larvae can eat it next week...

An excellent food storage method from a wasp

Technically this picture is not of a wasp actually eating it's prey but poisoning the cicada so that it will be paralysed. This is according to a person on Reddit where I found the picture:

"They actually don't kill the cicada or eat it themselves, they simply paralyze them indefinitely. That way the cicada stays fresh for it's larva, which will hatch and eat it alive underground three or 4 weeks from now... "

This was backed up by another chap who said:

They basically kill cicadas mid-air with their poison, then burrow the dead carcass in the ground and lay eggs in the body. The eggs hatch and eat the cicada as they mature and then break free.

Which really is nature at its finest.

A fresh mouse with your fish fillet, Sir?

do fish eat mice?

This is a great picture. A dude caught this fish, gutted it to find a mouse inside. It kind of reminds me of this fish eating a duckling. This fish should come to my house and catch some rodent, he'd do a better job than my damn cat, that's for sure!

Beware the Black Widow of Tulsa!

spider eating a snake

Apparently this is a Black Widow spider, a resident of Tulsa, USA eating a damn snake. I knew spiders could eat whole birds, but not snakes. I think we are approaching having finally seen everything*.

* Nope, not even close - Ed. 

I think this bee's sweet ride is about to end

spider eats bee

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