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Tuesday, May 28, 2013
organgutan trying to catch a fish using a spear

While this is technically not a picture of an animal eating an animal, it's of an animal trying to eat an animal - an organgutan trying to catch a fish using a spear of some kind. Apparently this image was taken in Borneo.

Apparently this orangutan had some dudes spear fishing on the river and mimicked them. Word on the street is this clever orange fellow didn't have any luck, but I'm sure you'll agree it's a pretty cool picture.

Simply a hawk eating a pigeon on the boot of a car.

hawk eating pigeon on a car

Imagine you'd had a tough day at work and got to your car and found this happening on your boot. A hawk chowing down on a pigeon. Look at all those guts and feathers everywhere, what a mess! Who's gonna clean that up? The hawk? I don't think so.

Alligator failing to eat a turtle - turtle power!!!

Monday, May 27, 2013
alligator trying to eat turtle
Turtle power!
Wildlife photographer Patrick Castleberry was lucky enough to capture these images of this South American alligator unsuccessfully attempt to crack open this plucky turtle's shell somewhere in the Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia, USA.

Castleberry said:  "I quickly realised what it was and thought the alligator was going to win in the end at cracking the shell. When he finally gave up I walked over to the turtle expecting it to be dead and was amazed to find it quite alive and on its back. I flipped it over and it scrambled into the water"

That's one damn lucky turtle. Alligators are quite fearsome but how fearsome are they really? Did you see this video of the cat that stared down not one but two alligators?

OK, OK, maybe alligators really are fearsone, here's a dude that had his arm bitten off by one (crocs do this too!) but not to anacondas who like to eat alligators for fun.

Picture credit: Caters News Agency

FAIL: NZ Torpedo chokes on a snapper

electric ray chokes on a snapper fish

This electric ray washed up Ninety Mile Beach, Auckland after apparently choking itself to death on a tasty snapper.

Colloquially known as the New Zealand torpedo, Phil McGowan, Kelly Tarlton's general manager said: "It looks like an electric ray which has swallowed a fish, probably snapper”

The New Zealand torpedo, or torpedo fairchildi, is endemic to NZ. They grow up to a metre in length, have a greyish-brown top but white on the base, and are found on or near the ocean floor. But not this one anymore…

This seems a pretty common occurrence so when will fish learn that there's always a bigger fish?

Mouse vs Snake vs Mouse

mouse attacks snake
Here's an interesting picture of a mouse trying to save his buddy literally from the jaws of a green snake. I fear he might have been a bit late to the party as that fellow has probably already been poisoned (and he actually looks dead) however it's nice to see one mouse sticking up for his fellow mouse. One for all and all for one.

I can't help but wonder if this image is a set up in the sense that what are the odds of two white mice being in the same vicinity...

Want to see more mice getting eaten? Here's how hawks catch their prey and here's a bullfrog eating a rather cute mouse. 

Crocodile bloodbath!

Saturday, May 18, 2013
salt water crocodile frenzy bloodbath

You gotta hand it to those Australian salt water crocodiles. They sure know how to make feeding frenzies look like the most violent bloodbaths. No idea what's been eaten but I'm pretty sure it's dead.

Turtle captures a pigeon with its jaws, drowns it and then eats it

I saw this on Reddit and was like, that's amazing! This turtle eyed up some pigeons that were fooling around acting all cool on the side of the bank of the pond and then BLAM! with a speed that most people do not associate with turtles, he snaps his jaws at the throat of the pigeon and manages to grab it by the neck.

With its powerful jaws firmly locked on the bird, the turtle retreats to deep water, no doubt to drown its avian friend.

Nature at its finest indeed. It's just a real shame the bird will never hear a U2 song again.

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