Nature at its finest can be a thing of beauty. Here's pictures of the bloody carnage that results.

Fail: fish eats fish and both ending up dying

fish eats fish and dies

Did you ever see The Phantom Menace? Remember that scene down some marine tunnel where fish kept eating each other and Qui Jon said "There's always a bigger fish"? Each time it WAS a bigger fish.

In this case we have one fish trying to eat another of the same size. It just doesn't work!

Here's how it's done - shark eats shark and shark eats a man...

Praying Mantis eating a humming bird

You may have heard of how praying mantis are such bad assess. After sex the female will eat the male. Well here's one picture that truly surprised us, a mantis eating a humming bird. Yes, a fricking bird ! They usually only eat things like crickets.

We've seen spiders eat birds before but this is one legendary picture! I'd love to know how this insect caught it's prey! So I actually read the comments on reddit (I know, I do deserve a medal) and found this hypothesis as to how the green goblin did the deed:

"So hummingbirds are impressive as fuck, what with their ability to beat their wings eighty trillion times per second. They can hover, move forwards, backwards, up and down and side to side. They're also FAST. However, the praying mantis is hanging from what looks to be a hummingbird feeder, and that's the one place that they're likely to land. So my guess is that the praying mantis went all double-O ninja on her ass when she went down to get a snack."

As found on Reddit

A cat leaves a half eaten rat with its babies still unborn

half a rat eaten by a cat with babies

Cats. Evil little monsters or handy units for getting rid of the local rat population? I think it's an irrelevant question - just look at this picture as found on Reddit.- While I think the picture is a bit staged, it's pretty clear a cat decided to eat a pregnant rat and got more than they bargained for... Merry Christmas, lil ra babies, merry christmas.
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