Nature at its finest can be a thing of beauty. Here's pictures of the bloody carnage that results.

Which shark ate this crocodile?

Which shark ate this crocodile?

This video shows a crocodile head that was found washed up on the beach of St Lucia by Brigitte Cary-Smith and husband Neale. Neale points out the shark teeth left in the head so it must have been an epic battle between the two predators.

It's nice to see the sharks getting one back over the crocodiles for once as usually they have a pretty tough time of it. 

Man releases mouse which immediately is eaten by a hawk

Man releases mouse which immediately is eaten by a hawk

Is this video an exercise in futility? These chaps decided to release a mouse they caught back into the wild. An eagle eyed er... Hawk immediately spied the free rodent and Fivel was Fivel no more but lunch.

This post reminds me of the time a Heron ate the Easter Bunny but the best picture ever of a bird of prety in action is this one where a fox appears to have been given the surprise of his life:

What did the fisherman find in the mouth of this bass?

duck in bass mouth

I found this on Reddit, where the user said he tried to get his fishing lure back from the mouth of bass he had caught and just happened to notice the bass had recently eaten a baby duck... usually when you look into a fish's mouth you'd expect to find an isopod / louse  X but a baby duck? That's gold.

Poor ducks in general though eh? Here's one getting eaten by a gull and a cheeky heron going for.... gold. 

Blue shark takes another man's catch. How rude!


Blue shark takes another man's catch. How rude!

Good keen Kiwi bloke Scott Brenton managed to have this blue shark try and steal his catch.

Brenton and fellow fisherman Andrew Harding encountered the blue shark about 500 metres offshore in Fitzroy Bay, Wellington. The shark was apparently so docile that Brenton was able to hand feed it.

"You could tell by its movements that it wasn't an aggressive shark. I was feeding it fish but it wasn't attacking them, it just slowly grabbed hold of them and took them away," he said. 

Story found here.

Heron birds cannot read, here's proof

bird with fish on no fishing sign

Clearly this heron was kicked out of Heron School before it learnt to read. Here he is, clearly fishing in an area that is clearly marked as no fishing. Useless.

What is it with cheeky birds thinking they can fish anywhere they like?

This picture was snappped Graham Hiscock at a pond in Bushy Park near Hampton Court Palace, UK.
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