This squirrel ran out of nuts and decided to eat a bird....

Who wins in this battle between a giant preying mantis and a bird?

Dude gets eating by a shark, cuts his way out with a knife

Praying Mantis eating the head of a dragon fly.

Wasp paralyses a cicada so its larvae can eat it next week...

A fresh mouse with your fish fillet, Sir?

Beware the Black Widow of Tulsa!

I think this bee's sweet ride is about to end

Cheeky but hungry whale shark takes a fisherman's catch!

River snake catches himself a fish for dinner

Planet of the Apes could happen, here's the evidence

Simply a hawk eating a pigeon on the boot of a car.

Alligator failing to eat a turtle - turtle power!!!

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Mouse vs Snake vs Mouse

Crocodile bloodbath!

Turtle captures a pigeon with its jaws, drowns it and then eats it

Fail: fish eats fish and both ending up dying

A cat leaves a half eaten rat with its babies still unborn

Hornet eats an Australian Spider

Which shark ate this crocodile?

Man releases mouse which immediately is eaten by a hawk

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