Nature at its finest can be a thing of beauty. Here's pictures of the bloody carnage that results.

Shark eats shark

shark eats caught shark dangling on a fishing line

Check out this cheeky shark off Kaiteriteri Beach near Nelson as he tries to nick a man's catch,

Originally posted on Reddit, the pic shows a small school shark on the end of a fishing line being bitten into by a much larger blue shark just as it's about to be hauled into the boat.

"Mancubus" posted the photo on December 28, 2012 with the headline: ''Caught a small shark … next minute''.

New Zealand's Department of Conservation shark expert Clinton Duffy, a marine scientist, said the shot actually captured a common event.

''Blue sharks often steal fish off people's lines at this time of year and they also commonly eat other shark species.''

This image reminds us of this awesome image of a shark taking the bait:

great white shark eats bait

And let's not forget this  classic shot of a shark eating a marlin:

great white shark eats marlin by  a fishing boat

We've plenty more shark pictures here, here and here (that one's NSFW). If the sharks ever decide they need to check the ph level of the water, they should try these best ph meters.

Leopard turns tables on his tormentors by eating them

leopard attacks man  bu eating his face

I have no what the context of this picture is but it appears to be three dudes failing in their efforts to contain a leopard. Presumably they were trying to sedate him to remove him from an area where humans where, instead they bumbled and let the leopard attack and eat the head of one of their crew.

I bet he had a sore head in the morning and probably needed some stiches after the leopard had clawed his back once or twice! Imagine the terror that is probably going though the man's head (apart from teeth). The leopard probably isn't two happy about being hunted down by these three idiots either.

Want more? Here's a leopard scalping a man (he just wanted some face to go in his sandwich!)  and my favourite, a leopard taking down and killing and eating a crocodile.
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