Birds eating worms, bugs and other grubs

mother bird feeds baby chicks a cricket

Birds eating worms, bugs and other grubs

A bird's gotta eat right and sing as they wake up at the crack of dawn, history shows those birds have a great chance of getting the worm. A by gosh, it would appear birds love to eat worms. I imagine they are a great source of protein!

As a child I read several of Roald Dahl's wonderful books - and the above picture of the mother bird feed her young chicks worms reminds me of Dahl's The Twits - they were a nasty couple who did mean thinks like feed the other a plate of worms disguised as spaghetti! A classic trick if you were a kid....

But you didn't come to Animals Eating Animals for an anecdote about childhood reading, you came for pictures of birds eating bug and grubs and some other critters right? Here you go friend, feast on this!

bird eating cricket

kingfisher with worm for dinner
Kingfisher with a tasty worm
wading sea bird with worm

This picture of a sea bird shows it doing a fine job as a wrestles with a worm that is desperately trying to stay in its worm hole.
bird eating caterpillar
A crunch caterpillar eaten by a bird

green caterpillar eaten by bird
The quick and the dead

worming being eaten by a bird.
Let's just presume this an early bird getting a worm
sparrow feeds baby chick with worm
A shared lunch
owl eating worm that it is pulling from the earth
Owl feasting a a big brown worm
This last picture shows that even owls know they can eat worms. While it's probably a stereotype that owls eat rats, it's clear they don't mind getting their beaks dirty foraging for worms in the earth.