Nature at its finest can be a thing of beauty. Here's pictures of the bloody carnage that results.

Lizards like to eat spiders, flies and birds!

Gorgeous green lizard with caterpillar lunch treat
 Lizards. They are bloody everywhere. Even Thailand. And why are they everywhere? They eat bloody everything! They eat spiders and snakes. Little snakes mind you bit some how the geckos from Cambodia manage it. Occasionally our scaly friends manage to catch and eat birds! I thought it was impressive enough when a spider ate a finch but a lizard? It just goes to show the heart these green bastards have!

Lizard eating a big fuck off spider
 I love it when spiders get their comeuppance! Usually things like tarantulas just eat baby chickens.....

Tuatara eating a delicious spider
Gordan Gecko and his spider friend
Snakes not so alive
How does a bird get caught by a gecko?

Tarantulas eating rats, lizards and centipedes

I'd so a great big ramble about how awesome Tarantula are but I think these pictures of them eating varuious kinds of animals speak for themselves.....

Mouse eaten by a hungry Tarantula
Centipede meets his match with a Tarantula
Dead chicken eating by a black Tarantula
Tarantula eating a lizard
Tarantula eating a snake. How the heck did that happen?

Pictures of the cutest otters eating crabs and fish!

crab being eaten by an otter
I've always thought otters were pretty cute little critters. They are just so lively - they jump and dive with such wild abandon - they are also known as mischievous buggers to - the Zoos that sometimes hold them have a devil of a time trying to contain them!

So, the drill here at Animals Eating Animals is to show pictures of exactly that, and today it's otters eating  eating crabs and other bounty from the sea.

otter on its back eating a crab

Above is a dead cute otter eating a crab that he managed to snaffle from the ocean floor. The crab gets eaten whole - it makes me wonder if they would enjoy dining on some sushi?

Below is an otter hogging out on a clam. How do they get to clam meat you wonder? I recall seeing a documentary once where the otter grabbed a stone and whilst floating on its back, it smashed the shellfish onto the stone to crack it and let the tasty food out. I'm not sure if the below otter did this or simply used it's jaw or claws to prise the clam open.

Clam for dinner
Crab for dinner 
Is it me or does that above otter look kind of like an Ewok from Return of the Jedi?

Otter eating some crayfish

Fish is also a large part of the otter's diet. 

Not all Otters have the luxury of living in the wild, eating whatever crustaceans they can get their sharp little claws on. Some otters were silly enough to get caught by humans and put into zoos. There's some cute little bastards at the Wellington Zoo for instance.

Once those otters are detained, they need to be entertained or they go nuts and try to escape. So here's an example of what Zoo's do to keep otters interested and active. They give them fish that are frozen in blocks of ice. At the very least, it's something to pass the time away while visitors to the Zoo oggle the otters and say things like 'Owww, how cute!"

Nom Nom Nom!
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