Nature at its finest can be a thing of beauty. Here's pictures of the bloody carnage that results.

The World's Biggest Snakes

giant anaconda

The World's Biggest Snakes

Everyone loves a good snake story. 

So it's with no surprise that the biggest snakes are the most popular of all the snakes

It's probably because they seem the most dangerous - and let's face it, these giant snakes are dangerous because they could eat you all in one go!

The massive python in the above picture was apparently found somewhere in Indonesia and measured 30 foot long. That's a huge ass snake!

world biggest python
Seven men to hold this snake!

python zaps itself on an electric fence

This giant man-eater decided to attack an electric fence. That was alive with electricity. The result was never going to be in doubt as the snake got tangled up and basically electrocuted himself to death. 

Look at those teeth! 

That's another reason to be scared of snakes - once one of these bad boys has your leg in his hungry mouth, it's not coming out in a hurry.

 Perhaps the snake was trying to turn himself into an electric eel?

This huge snake was killed by the dam construction workers in Nam Theuan Hinboun (hydro power plant) in Khammuan province, Laos.

One worker supposedly lost life to this monster...but that could be the stuff of myths and legends!

albino python

Here's a massively yellow / albino python running round in someone's apartment. At Animals Eating Animals we have a fond appreciation for albino snakes. Or maybe it's just Britney Spears. Our editor gets confused.

Underwater action
Some journalists are ballsy. Like the guys that got Deep Throat to talk. Others are just insane and will run round underwater taking photos of dudes taking photos of giant snakes. If you ain't paying for the photo session.... you're bait!

Huge Cobra?
I have no idea about the picture above, is it some kind of huge cobra? If it is, I'm sure even the Cobra Commander would be happy with the size of that thing!

python dragging a walleroo up a cliff

Well kanga clearly missed out on boxing lessons and lost the round to this giant olive python. The strength of that python is something to behold.

I have no idea if it got the Kangaroo up to the ledge but whatever, an A for effort Mr Python.