Nature at its finest can be a thing of beauty. Here's pictures of the bloody carnage that results.

Parrot Snake Eating a Frog

This is simply a colourful parrot snake enjoying a French delicacy of frog legs. Wanna see another cool snake picture? Try out the two headed albino snake!

Moongoose eating King Cobras

mongoose eating a cobra
Moongoose 1 King Cobra 0

When I was a little kid at Saint Joseph's Primary, my favourite book in that library was the Rikki Tikki Tavi book by Kipling about the brave moongoose who saved a family from a very horrible Cobra. Rudyard Kipling wrote the book on the Jungle, so we know he probably had his Cobra versus Moongoose knowledge down. Once legend goes as far to suggest he and his mates used to put one of each in a pen and take bets on which would win the battle in a Thunderdome style event... judging by these pictures, I reckon Kipling would have gone for the Moongoose every time!
cobra mongoose stand off
The Stand off begins!
mongoose cobra snake
This above Cobra probably has the biggest balls that have ever graced a Cobra. Here he his like he's King of the Jungle himself, walking up to this pack of Mongoose and simply gone, 'Hey fellas, waz happenin?' I have no idea how this situation ended up but I'd hope the cheeky cobra took a couple of these cute critters down with him! This is all a goos story but I wonder if those fullas are actually meerkats?

Snackin' on a Snake
Call it a draw?
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