Nature at its finest can be a thing of beauty. Here's pictures of the bloody carnage that results.

What do bats eat?

bat eating frog
Bat kissing a frog

Pictures of bats eating frogs and giant spiders

Bat Out of Hell is my favourite album of all time (OK, perhaps second to U2's Achtung Baby) so it was amusing when they played it at work today and I thought, why hasn't Animals Eating Animals featured bats eating things yet?

Perhaps you may have asked your self, what do bats eat?

And so here we are with images of fruit bats and other batty fellows eating things like frogs, watermelon and scarily large centipede.

bat eating cricket

Here's a bat eating a green cricket, and below is a poor spider getting a some fat fangs to his abdomen which almost seems ironic. Don't you think?

spider eaten by bat

This picture below almost looks staged, but it appears to be a bat flying whilst holding a centipede in his mouth.

centipede bat eating

People often think of bats as bloofy thirsty monsters - and you can thank Bram Stoker for that, but the truth is that bats often eat noting but fruit!

And here's a picture of The Great Detective Batman eating his eggs:

Want more? How about this role reversal of a spider eating a bat that it caught in it's web? That must have been an epic food fight!

spider eating a bat caught in web

And now for something completely different, check out these hungry anaconda snakes!

Simply a mouse being eaten by a white heron

Here's a mouse being eaten by a heron. Herons are awesome at fishing.

Heron eats a rabbit, Easter Cancelled

I think Easter may have been cancelled for this very cute little jessica rabbit as she managed to hop his way into this Heron's mouth! He was just hop hop hopping along and then BOOM! the Heron's beak opened wide and snapped him up. Yum!

Gulping down a rabbit. It's no big thing!
 This picture reminds me of the one we've got where the nasty nature hating heron eats some baby ducklings!

Shark takes the bait

Great white shark takes the fishing bait.

So check this out - a huge shark (great white?) lunching on a huge piece of bait. I'm not sure if this is a real photo or not, but it looks pretty awesome. I can't find any context for it, so in the interests of awesomeness, I'm going to have to assume that the shark found the fish lure too tempting and refused to let go as it was wound up to the side of the boat.

I bet when the fishermen saw that, they were all like, 'We're gonna need a bigger boat' and smirked at how clever they were to have made a reference to Jaws and that fact they needed a big boat. Right?

Still interested in sharks? We've got plenty of shark action round Animals Eating Animals. Why don't you dine on these man-eaters, enjoy this crocodile make shark fillets and of course the infamous and NSFW work series of photos of the contents of a shark's stomach having human remains inside!

If you think this shark is interesting, check out the massive jaws of the tiger fish!

Lions pounce on a buffalo

Not really a fair fight is it, three Lions attacking a single buffalo? Lions will eat anything it seems, including giraffes, and zebra. They've even been known to chew on the odd horse's hoove....

Pelican eating a fish

Ever since I read the Giraffe and the Pelly and Me, I have loved Pelicans. When ever I go to the Wellington Zoo I always keep an eye out for their resident Pelican (he lives near the Monkey Island) - so the moment I saw this picture of a fish about to disappear down this happy bird's throat, I knew it was gonna appear on Animals  Eating Animals

6 Lionesses take on a Hippo: Fair Fight?

Lioness vs Hippo: who would win?
This one is almost a fair fight - it's still in favour of the hippopotamus I reckon -though being out of the water probably reduces it's chances against the lionesses somewhat and those b'arches look pretty fucking lean, mean and keen for some tasty hipppo steaks! In fact, I'm totally changing my bet as I just remembered this picture of three lionesses taking on a crocodile, so maybe due to their absolute fearlessness to take on anything, a hippo isn't such a big task after all? No wait, this hippo snapped a crocodile in half with it's jaws! Maybe lion vs hippo is a fair fight after all?

Cheetah snacks on lunch by the neck

Nice and quick: A cheetah eating a wildebeast of some sort. Cheetahs also hunt together.
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