Nature at its finest can be a thing of beauty. Here's pictures of the bloody carnage that results.

A scare leopard eats man and terrorises an Indian village

scared leopard claws at man's head
Tough day at the office for Mr Patel
Here's a picture of a pretty stressed out Leopard attacking an Indian gentleman. It was reported that this leopard mauled 11 people in a confrontation with local Indian villagers.

Despite some frentic efforts to escape from the humans, the leopard eventually died of knife wounds after being captured. Humane much?

That's the tragedy of mankind being so fricking awesome - as we begin to over populate and what not, we encroach on the beasts who would normally leave us alone - and thus creatures like leopards generally would rather take on crocodiles  than say jump on the back of a human, cause no matter how delicious human liver might be (I understand if you add fava beans and enjoy it with a nice Cianti, it's a very pleasant meal), there's gonna be a whole angry Indian village that's gonna cut you down. Literally.

Australian legend Brutus the Crocodile tries to eat a boat of tourists

Brutus the Crocodile
Check out this very hungry three legged crocodile about to attack this boat full of tourists!

Well close - he's eating a piece of kangaroo meat that the boat's captain has hung out for him on a stick.

Apparently Brutus the Crocodile lost his front arm to another crocodile or a shark and he's figured out an easy way to get some food is to make like a circus pony and jump put of the water on request.

Here's a you tube video of the same boat operator doing the make the croc jump trick -

This is a pretty epic photo eh? Brutus lives in the Adelaide River in OZ. You can read more about him here. Or why not check out this crocodile trying to eat a baby elephant.....

See the two headed albino snake!

Skazka the albino snake with two heads!
Actually you can only see this two headed albino snake if you pay a visit to the Zoo in Yalta.

"Skazka" as they are has two heads that think, react and eat separately, though one is more passive than the other. Skazka apparently means 'fairy tale' in Russian

So why is this picture on Animals Eating Animals? Dmytro Tkachov, the zoo worker in charge of taking care of the double headed snake, said he puts a barrier between the two heads when feeding the snake lest one eats the other!

Follow the link if you want to see snakes eating other animals. Also click here if you want to see Britney Spears dancing with an albino snake.....
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