Nature at its finest can be a thing of beauty. Here's pictures of the bloody carnage that results.

Lizards like to eat spiders, flies and birds!

Gorgeous green lizard with caterpillar lunch treat
 Lizards. They are bloody everywhere. Even Thailand. And why are they everywhere? They eat bloody everything! They eat spiders and snakes. Little snakes mind you bit some how the geckos from Cambodia manage it. Occasionally our scaly friends manage to catch and eat birds! I thought it was impressive enough when a spider ate a finch but a lizard? It just goes to show the heart these green bastards have!

Lizard eating a big fuck off spider
 I love it when spiders get their comeuppance! Usually things like tarantulas just eat baby chickens.....

Tuatara eating a delicious spider
Gordan Gecko and his spider friend
Snakes not so alive
How does a bird get caught by a gecko?

Tarantulas eating rats, lizards and centipedes

I'd so a great big ramble about how awesome Tarantula are but I think these pictures of them eating varuious kinds of animals speak for themselves.....

tarantual eats a mouse
Mouse eaten by a hungry Tarantula
centipede eaten by tarantula spider
Centipede meets his match with a Tarantula
tarantual with a dead hen
Dead chicken eating by a black Tarantula
lizard eaten by tarantula spider
Tarantula eating a lizard
snake eaten by a tarantula
Tarantula eating a snake. How the heck did that happen?
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