Nature at its finest can be a thing of beauty. Here's pictures of the bloody carnage that results.

Pictures of Foxes eating rabbits and mice

rabbit being eaten by a fox

The Fox.

Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Cunning as a fox. Fox News.

Fox Hunting.

She's a fox.

These are just some of the ways us humans use the word fox.

What does this have to do with images of a fox eating a rabbit?

Not much really, it just seemed like a good intro. I was thinking I could throw in some kind of Wayne's World reference to Wayne's love interest Cassandra but couldn't figure it out. Instead you get some mindless drivel about movie babes.

But hey, let's get to the task at hand and show you some pictures about foxes eating some victims. The first picture above was indeed of a fox eating a rabbit. I understand it's name was Peter Rabbit, so please don't show your children this picture.

Next up is a fox chewing on a dear bone.

I'm not sure what the context is as I simply found this picture on google - I presume the fox did not take down the dear themselves but probably got to as by way of it being another predator's left overs...

fox eating prey

Below is a picture of a fox eating a murre bird. WTF is a murre bird you ask? Found on the High Artic, foxes find these birds a tasty treat. Feathers and all. Yuck!
murre bird eaten by a hungry fox
Fox eating a Murre

rat eaten by a fox
Rats! said the caught rat.
fox eating two mice at once
Double Trouble - a fox eats two mice at once!
fox dining on a rabbit
Fox taking a rabbit home to make stew.
Of course some times even the most foxiest of foxes can have the tables turned on them. In the image below, the fox is no match for the brutal aerial assault by this eagle. Look at the fox's expression, he simply has no idea what hit him. Was it a train? Superman? Bellatron?

eagle captures a fox, eye ball pops out.
What's wrong with your eyeball Mr Fox?
Update: here's a story of a fox attacking a 67 year old in his own backyard!

Mississippi River Flood and the snakes!

Sad as it is that people's homes and community buildings are being damaged by the floods due to pressure on the Mississippi River, it's a cool chance to see some snakes!

The above picture is apparently taken of a snake seeking refuge from Louisiana's Morganza Spillway - hard to tell though, could ust be a fucking huge snake from anywhere really...

The below picture appears to be real and taken by Eric Thayer of Reuters near flooding at Holly Grove, Arkansas.

While these snake pictures are cool, nothing was cooler than Australia's Brisbane floods which featured a frog riding on a snake!
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