The World's Cutest Hedgehog

Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's a rare day that Animals Eating Animals brings you something other than complete canivore carnage. While we always aim for photos that show 'Nature at its finest' we're usually aim for the guts and glory of a shark chowing down on a seal. Today, we're forgetting all that mischief and bringing you this damn cute lil hedgehog. Why? Because we fricking want to! Look at that smile and legs!

If you want more of him, check out Careful, cute baby hedgehogs ahead

Whale eats falling Penguin?

Sunday, March 20, 2011
penguin eaten by a whale

I think its fake but here's a cool picture of a killer whale eating a penguin that appears to have fallen of an iceberg or something...

Crocodiles attack Zebra and Wildebeast as they cross river

Saturday, March 19, 2011
crocodile snatches at wildebeast crossing river

So these wildebeast below thought it would be a good idea to cross this river in the Maassai Mara National Park. Haven't they learnt from thousands of years that their ALWAYS a freaking crocodile just waiting to eat one of them for lunch? The above photos shows what happens when there's one lurking and when there's no Mick Dundee around to rescue with his 'this is a knife' your kinda screwed.

Not to be outdone by the wildebeasts' stupidity, this zebra though he might get in on the river crossing adventure too. The best things in life a free right? So a cool swim in the river might be the best thing this Zebra is gonna to today, right? Nope, he's gotta fight for his life as this crocodile managed to sneak up on him in all the chaos and confusion and lock his jaws on the Zebra's sweet hind:

crocodile attacks zebra in river

It's Zebra snake time!

zebra smiles as it is attacked by crocodile
Bucky struggled with school yard bullies.
But you know what? Contrary to what these pictures might suggest, the zebra and the wildebeast apparently escaped from the crocodile's jaws of death and actually lived. That's what Charlie Sheen would call winning!

Sadly for the Zebra's, they don't appear to win too often.

An Eagle and his pollock

The Telegraph featured this photo of a white-tailed eagle grabbing a pollock fish from a lake in Lauvsnes in Norway. The photo was snapped by Harry Eggens from Groningen, in the Netherlands.

Eggens was quoted as saying "It is a great sight to see when these majestic birds grab the fish right out of the water. Most of the time they catch them on their first attempt. This eagle flew straight back to the nest when he'd caught the pollock and he probably had to give the lot of it to the wife and kids."

Scorpions eating prey like crickets and centipedes

Saturday, March 5, 2011
large black scorpion

The Scorpions band were a bit of a one hit wonder but real scorpions? When they hit, you wonder where the nearest hospital is as 25 species have venom capable of killing a human being...

Scorpions are predatory arthropod animals and they like to eat grass hoppers, centipedes, spiders and have even been known to occasionally eat each other! They have eight legs and are easily recognized by the pair of grasping pincer claws and the narrow, segmented tail, carried in a characteristic forward curve over the back, ending with a venomous stinger. By their looks alone, scorpions a tough, scary looking critters and their reputation is such that bad ass wannabes often adopt Scorpions as their brand. Or their band name.

Camel spiders are a favourite here at Animals eating Animals so we are a little sad to bring you this picture of one being eaten by a black scorpion:

camel spider eaten by a large scorpion

Below is some kind of cricket like critter meeting his doom. Either it's that or a very serious discussion about being a Democrat versus a Republican:

scorpion feasting on a cricket

The Centipede was caught by this yellow scorpion as he was putting on his 50 pairs of shoes....

scorpion dining on a brown centipede

 This picture shows why people often mock those who like to 'sit on the fence' before they make a decision - he who hesitates gets attacked and eaten by a scorpion.

Next up where have an interesting collection of colours where we have a purple scorpion eating a green grass hopper for lunch.

grasshopper cricket eaten by a scorpio

Occasionally it can be a little hard to find a cricket to eat in the desert so scorpions like to eat each other. Of course, they have a beer with each after and have a good laugh about it.

fighting scorpions eating one another

It's not all King of the Desert for scorpions, and sometimes they become the hunted, as seen here where this lilac breasted roller has managed to dodge a stinger to the eye and shown the scorpion who's who in the food chain.
bird eating a scorpion

And just to show you that scorpions do have a lil love for their own (when they are not eating each other that is), this scorpion mother was photographed carry her babies on her back. Apparently baby scorpions are born live.

hundreds of baby scorpions

So there you have it, a quick and dirty photo essay on scorpions and what kind of insects and critters that you might find them eating. Now that you know they have sharp stingers, you might want to check your boots next time you put them on after they've been outdoors for a while... or you might just end up as dessert. 

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