Three Lionesses take down a cheeky crocodile

Check out this picture of three angry lionesses pouncing on a cheeky crocodile after the creature tried to attack a baby cub. It's clear that during the violent encounter the crocodile managed to bite one of the big cats in the face but it was soon overwhelmed by the pride.

The photographs where shot by Tony Goldman who was on a safari trip in the Duba Plains, in Botswana. Goldman is quoted as saying "The lionesses had just killed a buffalo and suddenly a crocodile ventured about 90m out of the water towards them to snack on the meat. One of the smaller cubs was in the path of the crocodile and it started to advance towards the cub in a menacing fashion before trying to attack it."

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That's a pretty brave effort from the Crocodile. Having thinking he seized the right moment when the lionesses were distracted with the buffalo, he swooped in, only to fuck it up. Epic fail and nature at its finest. 

This reminds me of some other crocodile mishaps, like the time this silly croc got eaten by a hippopotamus or went the leopard won the battle. At least they can eat sharks, baby elephants and Zebra!