Animals in the Brisbane floods: Frogs Riding Snakes

The 2011 floods that hit Brisbane, Rockhampton and other cities and towns in Australia during New Year of were pretty horrific. People drowned, family homes disappeared, cars were swallowed whole by raging rivers and people's businesses and livelihoods literally went down the drain.

There were some comical moments that helped lighted the mood somewhat. Floods, of course, effect not only humans but the critters and creatures too. As when you help a neighbour out in times of trouble, so can sworn enemies in the animal kingdon. Check out this frog hitching a ride with a snake from twitpic:

Can we stop off and get some worms mate?
Frogs riding snakes? What will they think of next? Snakes trying to ring home? Maybe:

Five snakes in the bed and the little one said...
Telecommunications networks in Queensland were hammered by the floods so naturally Telstra Clear sent in some techies to fix things, one of them was confront by these 5 red bellied snakes who sought refuge in the telecommunications box!

With the all the fox holes, snake holes and the usual good hiding places flooded by water, the snakes naturally seek out new homes and to do that, they gotta get through that body of water. Same as the humans so it's no surprise that the two beasts collide and Queensland authorities decided to stock up on anti venom just in case someone got a nasty surprise:

Imagine coming home after the flood to find this snake curled up on your fence. He's hungry and you're lunch! During the floods people were also on the look out for crocodiles but I couldn't find any pictures of them swimming down a local street!


  1. never going to Australia ever!

  2. great photos, but please, humans are hardly "lunch" for snakes - please don't say stuff like that, it only unnecessarily increases fear and loathing for what are beautiful, fascinating creatures.


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