Nature at its finest can be a thing of beauty. Here's pictures of the bloody carnage that results.

Captured shark found to have a man inside

shark eats man
What's in my belly?

Caught shark found to have eaten a man

It's the stuff of the Jaws movie really.

A story about a shark eating a man.

And then being caught.

And then being cut up and the very dead many being removed from its stomach.

Here's the deal of what happened.

Humphrey Simmons, a Bahamian portfolio manager, now has a whale of tale to tell those who'll listen about the time he caught a tiger shark and it burped up a human leg.

When the fish was gutted, out popped a human body sans its head.

Says Mr Humpries about his unexpected catch of the day:

“We tied the rope around his tail fin, and pulled him towards the boat. We were going to cut the hook out of his mouth and let him go when he regurgitated a human foot — intact from the knee down.” The knee down you say?

As soon as they saw the foot, Simmons says, and smelled the "stink" coming from inside the shark's "huge" belly, they knew they had to bring the shark to shore.

And what did they find in the tiger shark's belly?

Here's the pictures. I sincerely warn you, the pictures you are about to see are pretty gross, not safe for work, and are not for general family viewing:

Read on for the gross and very NSFW pictures of what was in the shark's belly:

body parts found inside a shark's stomach

Above: Here's a foot with a lil piggy that's never going back to the market. Maybe the morgue, that's about it.

man's body found inside shark guts

The body is understood to be that of a missing sailor. The news reports are obviously about the shark being found to have a man inside it's stomach, rather than the death of a poor individual. I presuming the sailor drowned at sea and was found by the hungry shark.

body part remains of a man found inside a shark

I kind of love that the authorities knew the shark probably had human body parts inside him, yet they chose to do their examination of the guts just out on the street, probably near the fishing dock...which is just gross.

human foot found inside a shark stomach

We think it was pretty irresponsible for the human remains to be placed onto the street.

 If the fishermen suspected the shark had indeed eaten a human, the shark should have turned over to the appropriate authorities to the inspection could have been done with the due respect that should have been afforded the victim.

Could they not have take the human to a lab or something more wholesome and respectful?

So are sharks fearless man eaters rather than being misunderstood monsters?


  1. ew you dist me

    signed, anya luckenbaugh

    1. probably just ate a dead body so what?

  2. sharks eat stuff all the time its no big deal

    1. True, tiger sharks have been known to eat rubber tyres and such.

  3. But it's okay for you to put it up again on the internet? jussayin

    1. If this offends you, then you obviously haven't been around the internet much.


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