Aussie croc eats bull shark

crocodile catches and eats a bull shark in a river

Check out this crocodile chowing down on a straying bull shark in the Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory.

A bunch of tourists looked on in 'shock' when they saw the crocodile chomping on the shark at the upper flood plains of the South Alligator River. Hmm, maybe the shark should have check the name of the river before he swam up it. The shark had already been bitten in two by the hungry beast when this photograph was taken.

The bull shark had probably sauntered up the aptly named South Alligator River in search of food. The crocodile had the home-turf advantage because the seagoing shark was swimming through fresh water at the time of the attack and was possibly fatigued. The only thing we can be certain of is that he ended up in the crocodiles's hungry belly and that's what counts at Animals Eating Animals!

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  1. Strangely enough, Bull sharks are quite at home in freshwater. They've colonised vast stretches of Australia's inland waterway.


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