Nature at its finest can be a thing of beauty. Here's pictures of the bloody carnage that results.

Alligator eats boy's hand clean off in Florida

Look Ma, no hand....

Man survives alligator attack put loses arm!

A Florida teenager was attacked by an alligator and had his left hand torn off when swimming in a popular neighborhood canal.

The above picture is of Eighteen-year-old Tim Delano recounting the crazy story of an alligator biting off his left hand during a press conference at Lee Memorial Hospital on Friday, July 16, 2010 in Fort Myers.

Tim Delano, 18, of Golden Gates Estates, was attacked by the 10-foot long alligator while he was swimming at dusk Sunday in a drainage canal known to locals as "The Crystal."

"I saw my bone, I had no hand," Delano told the Naples News.

The animal attacked Delano, pulling him underwater and going into a "death roll," during which gators roll over and over until their prey drowns and then they eat them.

"Fortunately, I had enough sense to take my right hand and I started punching it," Delano said. He got the alligator to release him, but when Delano got to the surface he realized that his left hand was gone.

Delano started screaming, saying that the pain was "excruciating." No shit, Sherlock.

With the help of his dumbstruck friends, Delano called 911, and while awaiting the emergency medical services arrival he called his mother, leaving her the message: "Mom, I have no left hand. Goodbye." [That's not  bad effort for some one in shock eh?]

Delano was airlifted to an area trauma center, while the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission brought in a tracker, who was able to locate and capture the alligator.

The hand was recovered from the animal's stomach, but doctors would not reattach it "because it would be too toxic," said Delano. "I was just happy the other people with me did not get injured, or I'd really hate myself."

He now hopes to get the popular swimming hole closed, "so no accidents like this will happen again."

Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokeswoman and megababe Gabriella Ferraro said that people should recognize that any freshwater body in Florida could have alligators, and that the animals hunt primarily at dawn and dusk.

"If there is an item there and the opportunity presents itself, they will prey," said Ferraro.

That's true - remember the crocodile that bit off the vet's arm? You know what other problems Florida has? Anaconda eating their alligators in the Everglades! Life, it's a vicious school of feeding....

Also reading this story reminds of that guy from Happy Gilmore with no hand....