Snakes eating animals

I believe it was the actor Samuel L Jackson who uttered the immortal movie line

"Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!"

Well here at Animals Eating Animals we love snakes and judging by these pictures, we can understand why the rest of the animal kingdom and Sam Jackson are trying to get the mother fucking snakes off the plane.

First up, the simple things in life.

A snake eating a frog. Not much of a challenge for our serpentine friend but none-the-less a tasty morsel.

Snake eating a frog

How about a snake taking on a bird? They must be a bit harder to catch and eat than a frog right?

Hmmm, I suspect this bird simply fell asleep in the gutter after a hard night out on the piss and Mr Snake on his way home from this job at the mill simply found him and had him for breakfast

snake eating a bird

Lizards Gizards!

snake eating a lizard

I think I smell a rat! It's not like I can see the lil bastard anymore....

snake eating baby mice

Oh look a pop princess about to get eaten by an albino python! No, it's just Britney Spears performing a hot lil number for K Fed or who it is she's shacked up with these days. That is one damn lucky snake though eh....

britney spears in green bikini with snake

Here's a rattle snake eating a mouse from National Geographic Magazine. I hear rattle snakes can be better than cats at catching mice. You just put one in your kitchen cupboard and they eat the mouse treats. When all mice have been eating the rattlesnake simply moves into your back yard to eat dust.

snake eating a mouse

Sometimes snakes like to each other. Here's a picture of a cape cobra eating a puff adder. Please do not confuse this with a cobra eating Puff Duddy.

snake eating another snake
Check out those fangs

Here's possibly the dumbest python in existence. Check out this image of the python  trying to eat a live electric fence:

snake biting an electric fence

Just so no-one thinks all pythons are dumb here is one of the most awesome shots ever. A python dragging a kangaroo up a cliff. It's an all time classic!

Look how long the bastard is!

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