Bugs eating critters and critters eating bugs

What's the difference between bugs and critters? Who cares? Here's some pictures of bugs, insects and other grubby critters eating each other. Sadly, this page reminds me of a Bruce Springsteen song. Name it and I'll send you a hundred dollars. Cash.

First up, I'm gonna have to get all technical on you and use flash words like Libellula vibrans. Libellula vibrans? Sound's dirty eh? OK prudes, here's a Great Bluelab Skimmer eating a Halictid Bee...

I dunno about the authenticity of this photo, it looks kinda like a picture of Paris Hilton out on a date?

Here's a close up of a Lady Bug eating gosh knows what. 

Did you know when humans eat bugs its called entomophagy? Less educated people call it gross:

These girls are eating huhu grubs, which in New Zealand are considered a bit of a treat! maybe they think it will help with their complexion? If that doesn't do it for you, why not have a full plate of bugs and critters to chew down on?
When I was in Thailand, I had this for breakfast everyday:

Snake eating a snail?

Good for you Freaking News, here's a free plug! Actually, I again doubt the authenticity of this photo, it looks like a fourth date kind of picture with Paris Hilton.

Here's a slug eating a snail, or is it the other way around? I can't tell!

Some times people like to eat monkeys. They count as critters right?

Of course, generally you only eat Monkey brains in the company of possessed Princes.

In an exclusive to Animals eating Animals I got this scoop of what the monkeys looked liked before there were served up to Indianna's date:

Orangutan's in a wheelbarrow? Too cute! Hey I have an excellent idea, Clint Eastward should to a movie where his co star is an grumpy orangutan! Shit, that would be awesome in 3D.

Back to the critters and crickets:

The Springsteen song was The Wrestler by the way. So, now you owe me a hundred bucks cash, hmmkay? Here's one C. flavopictus scorpion eating a grasshopper. But master, when do I stop?

When your eyes are like mine:

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