Nature at its finest can be a thing of beauty. Here's pictures of the bloody carnage that results.

Picture of a giant olive snake pulling a walleroo up a cliff

Well this kangaroo clearly missed out on boxing lessons and lost the round to this giant olive python. 

This picture is amazing. The strength of that python pulling the kanga up the cliff is something to behold.

I have no idea if it got the Kangaroo up to the ledge but whatever, an A for effort Mr Python.

walleroo being lifted up a cliff by a giant python snake

This picture was taken in Kimberly, Western Australia. To tell the truth, it's not really a Kangeroo being dragged up the cliff - it's actually a walleroo. What the jingoes is a walleroo?

The beast is a kind of a cross between a kangaroo and a wallaby - thus the word is a portmanteau of kangaroo and wallaby. Either way, the olive python got to eat the snake for it's dinner - which is well deserved as that is one massive effort it's putting in.